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The central objective of the European Water Framework Directive is to achieve a "good status" for all bodies of water, both surface and underground, with the exception of heavily modified and artificial bodies, for which the goal is to achieve a "good ecological potential". Based on the principles contained in this directive, at the level of the Jiu Oltenia Water Basin Administration, a management plan is under development, a plan that has to solve the main problems related to water management, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Water management must provide solutions to ensure the current and future water needs of the population and the economy, starting from the renewable but limiting nature of freshwater resources. This paper presents a study carried out in the spring of the last year, the main purpose of which was to characterize the Jiu River qualitatively on the administrative territory of Gorj county. Several water sampling campaigns from three control sections, established in partnership with the Jiu Oltenia Water Basin Administration, were carried out for this purpose and the collected samples were analyzed in the analytical laboratory of the same institution and on the basis of the obtained results, conclusions were drawn regarding the Jiu River water quality in the analyzed sector, considering also the main existing sources of pollution.

10 years before vs. Now, after all these years of pollution


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