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Gorj County is a county of Romania, in Oltenia, with its capital city at Târgu Jiu.

This county has a total area of 5,602 km2.

The North side of the county consists of various mountains from the Southern Carpathians group. In the West there are the Vâlcan Mountains, and in the East there are the Parâng Mountains and the Negoveanu Mountains. The two groups are split by the Jiu River.

To the South, the heights decrease through the hills to a high plain at the Western end of the Wallachian Plain.

The main river, which collects all the smaller rivers, is the Jiu River.

In the North of the county coal is extracted, near Motru and Rovinari. There are two big thermo electrical power plants at Rovinari and Turceni, and some hydro-electrical power plants. The county is the biggest electricity producer in Romania, with 36% of the country's electricity.

Due to the decrease in mining activity, the county has one of the highest unemployment levels in the country.

The main tourist destinations are:




About us
Gorj County

The Constantin Brâncuși Sculptural Ensemble

The Monumental Ensemble from Târgu-Jiu, created by the father of modern sculpture, Constantin Brâncuşi, comprises The Table of Silence, The Gate of the Kiss and The Endless Column. Initially built to honour the Romanian heroes of the First World War, it can be also compared to a huge temple, similar to the ancient shrines from Egypt, India, Mexico or Stonehenge.

National College Ecaterina Teodoroiu

The National College Ecaterina Teodoroiu from Targu jiu, Gorj county, is one of the best 25 highschools in Romania and this is an achievement we are proud of.


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