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Ștefania Drăghici - student at National College Ecaterina Teodoroiu

Salvation in our hands

Being aware of the water problems we are facing nowadays, not only in our country but on the entire planet is not enough. Although the principal cause of water pollution is the irresponsible activities made by humans, we are the only hope for a better future in which our oceans, seas and rivers are clean. If every person would start by doing small things, often regarded as insignificant, we could achieve great results.
Here are a few easy ways to reduce water pollution:
-         Proper disposal of toxic chemicals and medical waste;
-         Do not pour fat and grease down the drain;
-         Try to avoid plastic containers;
-         Do not waste water keeping the water consumption low.

Ștefan Dincă - student at National College Ecaterina Teodoroiu

Broken ecosystem

Our planet requires a friendly environment and we need to take full responsibility for the mistakes we’ve done. We need to take action immediately and stop the hazards that contaminate the water day by day. This can be managed by putting an end to corporations that exploit the ocean without thinking about the consequences. We need to develop and use technology in order to reverse the pollution trend:

- Seabin V5, created by the Seabin Project, is aimed at gathering floating trash located in areas with calm water, while being made from recyclable materials

- WasteShark, created by RanMarine Technology in 2018, is a water drone with the goal of collecting debris before the winds and currents carry it out into the ocean

- A study conducted by scientist Xiaoguang Duag found that nanotechnology could be a solution to our plastic problem. Duag and a team of scientists have created magnetic coils that will be used to break down microplastics using a chemical reaction, turning them into environmentally friendly salt compounds, carbon dioxide and water.

Ana Bîzgă - student at National College Ecaterina Teodoroiu


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